Guy Gray

Chief Operating Officer

Guy joined Quarem after two successful decades at Fortune 500 telecom companies, AT&T and CenturyLink. He held several key positions in leadership and sales (both direct and indirect channels) as well as an international assignment at AT&T. Guy brings to Quarem the senior management skills and innovative client programming experience required to lead and expand our progressive technology-services company. He was instrumental in developing our proprietary Quarem Access advisory platform on the passionate premise of being Accessible, Personalized, and Responsive.

Guy is infinitely familiar with collaboration and project management assignments. While at AT&T, he led the initiative that integrated two separate sales forces as a result of the SBC acquisition. Guy managed the integration project using innovative techniques such as developing a cross-training curriculum and increasing the adoption of online collaboration tools. Subsequently, Guy was awarded The Lighthouse Award and received national recognition for his innovative leadership in launching the combined salesforce ahead of schedule.

For our corporate clients, Guy leverages his strong technical aptitude, process acumen, and integrity towards the most important step to any engagement --- matching business requirements to the best mix of technical and advisory solutions.

For brokers and agents who utilize the Quarem platform to enhance the value of their services, Guy serves as a vital resource in helping to align and support Quarem applications to their client’s strategy.

Guy has a BA from Texas Christian University. He currently resides in Houston with his wife and their two children.