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Hands-On Lease Management

Free your leases from filing cabinets and forgotten folders. Bring them together with Quarem's lease management software where the details can come alive. Easily track the changes, obligations, risks, and opportunities that are normally hidden away within the pages of a lease. 

Can’t easily produce an accurate master lease list?

As your portfolio begins to grow, it can become difficult to maintain an accurate and detailed list of each and every location. 

Spreadsheets becoming a hassle to maintain?

Spreadsheets are great for viewing data, not managing data. It’s easy to make mistakes and hard to keep things organized.

Tired of sifting through documents to find key information?

Going page by page through a lease document when you need a quick answer is frustrating and time consuming. 

It all starts with the lease abstract

This is where you capture and arrange over 400 key points of your lease, including income/expense schedule, lease options, parking, TI, clauses, and more.

Lease Management

Within each section of Quarem's commercial lease management software, you can track the actual lease language in case you need to reference it in the future.

Lease Language 1000c2022

As you move through the lifecycle of your lease, you can easily document the changes with Lease Version Control. With every new amendment or renewal, a new version is added to the timeline.

Lease Version Control 1000 2022

Get into the details of a single lease with the Lease Summary...

NewLeaseSummary 03x 2022

...or catch a glimpse of all your leases with the Master Lease List

Commercial Lease Management Software

Are You Prepared?

Upload and store all related lease documents

Including photos, space plans, amendments and more

Store your list of related lease contacts

Make a detailed contact profile for anyone related to the lease

Set Critical Date Notifications

Create automated email reminders for events, like expirations or option windows

Share access and monitor all activity

Invite your team in, assign access levels, and monitor any changes made to the lease

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the data get into the system?

One of three ways – we import the data, integrate the data, or the data is manually entered.  The more in-depth answer is that it depends on the current state of your leases. We offer both Lease Abstracting and Data Migration services. If your leases need to be abstracted, we’ll abstract and manually enter the data into the system. If your data is currently in another software application or system, we can migrate the data into the correct fields.

How large of a lease portfolio can the software manage?

The beauty of Quarem is that it’s powerful enough to handle large portfolios but built to serve small to midsize organizations. Typically, we manage portfolios ranging anywhere from 10 to 500 leases.

Does Quarem manage any type of real estate lease?

Quarem can manage any type of commercial real estate, equipment or service lease.

Can I create custom data fields specific to my business?

Yes! As part of our Technical Services, users can work directly with the Quarem Tech Team to implement a customization.

Can I manage leases from a Lessee perspective as well as from a Lessor perspective?

Our software is built to handle lease management from both the tenant and the landlord perspective.  We understand that many organizations lease and own properties, or even serve as landlords to other unrelated tenants.  Quarem is engineered to manage and report data from these combined perspectives.

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