The Quarem Story

We aren't your typical software company.

Quarem started in the fall of 2001. In the years leading up to this, our Founder & CEO, John Rice, was a tenant rep broker searching for a way to efficiently organize and manage his clients’ lease data. Using his commercial real estate experience as his guide, John created a digital platform that expertly managed lease data and supported collaboration.

As the industry and digital world has evolved so has Quarem. We proudly serve businesses of all shapes and sizes that span across multiple industries. Though we’re constantly learning and growing, we remain connected to our roots – we want to help you manage your leases and we’ll use experience-driven software and passionate people to make it happen.

CRE Software Leaders

Our Mission

Utilize experience-driven software and passionate people to help professionals organize their leases so they can take control of the details and simplify their daily processes. 


Our Customers

We serve a mix of industries and job titles. From banks to landlords, media agencies to medical professionals, we work with the big, small, and everything in between.

Our Culture

Our team is made up of ambitious, loyal, kind, and creative people that strive to be the best for one another and the people we serve. When you’re at the office, you’re at home, which means tons of lunches, jokes, inspired brainstorming sessions, and spending time with good people that truly want the best for one another and the people they serve.