Commercial Property Management Software


Built to Support Portfolios of Different Shapes and Sizes

Quarem Properties manages the data behind a property, rather than the activity of a property. That way, it supports the needs of a variety of user types, such as users that manage a mix of owned and leased space, or brokers that want to keep track of their market research.

Juggling multiple suites?

You can quickly lose track of responsibilities, opportunities, and resources when you manage multiple suites that each come with their own set of unique details. 

Struggling to stay on top of vacancies?

When the data of your entire portfolio doesn’t work together to paint a big picture, you miss out on the key details of the space and progress is stifled. 

Tired of jumping between systems?

Managing a mixed portfolio can mean bouncing between spreadsheets, software platforms, and emails. Not to mention all of the usernames and passwords you have to keep up with. 

Organize and track the data behind the properties you own or lease space in

The feature combines a little bit of everything - property management, CRM, maintenance tracking and more.

Create individual profiles for each property you own or lease space in. This will be the hub for all things related to the property.

  • Generate property specific reports with just a few clicks
  • Quickly access all related projects and FF&E assets
  • Property owners can track the tenant base and income for each property. 
  • Tenants can visualize their space by suite.
  • Brokers can store and track their own market data. Cover key details like, amenities, vacancies, and traffic counts within each profile. 

Within the property profile, owners and managers can easily access a complete rent roll for the individual property. From there, they can jump into the rent schedule and other key details of each lease.

Rent Roll 03x 2022

The variety of dashboards provide insights to all user types. No matter if you’re looking to analyze tenant mix, compile a list of key contacts, or identify vacancies within a particular market, you can quickly produce those metrics and drill down into the details. 

Organize the data that matters most to your operation

Tenants can visualize the space they lease to ensure optimal space utilization. Owners can track vacancies and adjust marketing efforts. Brokers can record and report on property data within a particular market

Observe and record changes 

Post notes on maintenance, improvements, lease issues, equipment and other critical points related to a specific property

Store and share all related documents and photos

Including proposals, leases, memos, or insurance policies 

Create and share critical date reminders 

Track lease expirations, rent bumps, insurance expiration, and more

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Property and a Lease?

A property is the starting point of a Lease. It acts as the anchor that ties a lease to a particular location. Once you create a property, you can add the lease or leases that reside within that property.

What types of properties can I manage with Quarem?

If you own it or lease space in it and it’s a commercial property, you can manage it with Quarem.

What is the difference between Property Management software and Quarem Properties?

Property Management software is a business tool that property owners and managers use to monitor and execute the daily activity, communication, and operation of a property and its tenants. Quarem Properties was built to manage the data behind a property, rather than the activity of a property. That way, it supports the needs of a variety of user types, such as tenants that also own real estate or brokers that want to keep track of their market research.

Can I track and manage all of my tenants and their leases within Quarem?

Yes! Within a Property, you can organize each lease by suite, monitor the rent roll, and create & store the contacts related to each lease.

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