The Ultimate Lease Management Sidekick

Software Alone Isn’t An Effective Solution

Software is only one part of the entire lease management strategy. Our team of experts is here to help you every step of the way.  We like to get involved because we know that great lease management comes from technology and people working together.  We want to work with you, hear from you, help you and get to know you and the ins and outs of your real estate.

The Benefits of Using Quarem to Manage Your Leases

Save time and money

Having a dedicated account manager doing the upfront and ongoing work means you get more time to accomplish meaningful work. Your domain will be up and running sooner and you’ll avoid  costly data entry errors.

No Expertise Needed

Let’s face it - not everyone has the time to learn how to navigate another system. With Quarem, you don’t have to worry about mastering the software, or making data entry mistakes.

Gain a reliable partner 

Being a Quarem client means that someone is always on the other line ready and willing to quickly answer questions about your leases or properties, offer guidance, and help you get work done.

Are You Prepared?

How It Works

The Best Lease Management Software


Develop a Plan of Action

Every portfolio is unique, which means there isn’t a one-size-fits all approach to getting organized. To start things off, we’ll meet with you one-on-one to review your overall strategy, the current state of your data, and goals. From there, we’ll develop a plan of action that’ll help you get the most out of the software.

Area of advisory include:

  • Folder naming conventions
  • Critical date structure
  • User access controls
  • Geo unit filters
  • Report types


Send Us Your Leases

No matter if your leases are digital, paper files, or data in a spreadsheet, our team will work behind the scenes to input and organize your data according to the plan we created during the kickoff meeting.

Lease Abstracting

No robots. No random third parties. Our abstracting team operates alongside our tech team and leadership at our headquarters in Houston, TX. Abstracting is the absolute foundation of successful lease management. It’s the best way to get organized and ensure you’re tracking accurate data. Invest the time and money to get it right the first time.

Data Migration

Already have an existing database or system with all of your critical information? No problem! Quarem provides technical and advisory services that facilitate the successful migration of data into the software.

Software Integration

It’s easy to stay organized when everyone is on the same page. We can build a bridge between Quarem and the tools you love so all your data is in sync and consistent. Easily integrate with third-party applications, such as:

  • ERP Systems
  • Accounting & Financial
  • Property Management
  • Websites
  • Stacking Plan Software



As soon as your leases are abstracted and organized in the system, you'll meet with our team for training and receive full access to your domain. All users receive personalized training both onsite and online. You’ll get the best tips, tricks, trends, and insights from our experts. 


Ongoing Management

Our guidance and support doesn't stop once your domain is organized. We’ll keep up with the ongoing work so you can stay focused on the big picture. 

Data Entry 

As your portfolio changes, we’ll continuously update your domain to ensure accuracy and timeliness of the information. This includes all current and future leases, critical date notifications, documents, tasks, and more. 

Report Generation & Maintenance

Proactive and upon request – we’ll build, maintain, and schedule the monthly, quarterly, and annual reports that you need to make key decisions about your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Quarem as my CRE portfolio and lease software provider?

There are several high-end systems out there, but the Quarem difference is rooted in our approachable nature and belief that technology and people together provide effective lease management. All of our central components – technology, client services, lease abstracting, marketing, and leadership – operate under one roof. Our system wasn’t dreamt up by a technology wiz looking for their big break, but by a real estate mind that understood the needs of those in the industry. At the end of the day, we provide a sophisticated yet accessible solution to a challenge that all organizations face, our technology is powerful, our services are out of this world, and if you call, we answer the phone.

Who does Quarem work with? Is there a particular size or industry you focus on?

Every organization needs lease management. That’s why we serve businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industries. Our lease management solution is flexible enough to manage small, midsize, and large portfolios. Healthcare, media, manufacturing, and education are just some of the industries we currently serve, in both the public and private sectors.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

We offer flexible contract options. The month-to-month subscription contract is our standard model, but we work with each client individually to find a plan that works best for their business.

What happens if I want to discontinue using the system?

There’s nothing worse than a bad breakup. We’d hate to see you go, but we’d rather part ways on good terms than muddy the waters. If you decide to end your Quarem subscription, you have complete and total control of your data. We’ll help you export all of your data out of the system, or even work with your new service provider to get everything migrated.  

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