Track Critical Lease Expiration Dates


Reminders Today So You Won’t Have Any Surprises Tomorrow

Always know what needs attention and what’s just around the corner with automated date reminders. The email alerts will help you stay proactive so you can save money and make better decisions.

Can’t keep track of lease expirations?

Expirations easily go unnoticed until it’s too late. By then, you’ve lost a lot of your negotiation power, risk losing money to holdover fees, and you’re forced to make quick decisions.

Missing out on opportunities?

Opportunities, like renewal options or termination rights, are time-sensitive. Missing the notification window means losing out on key benefits, and time spent reworking plans.

Struggling to stay on top of rent escalations?

Forgetting about a date, like a rent escalation, is a costly mistake. It’s easy to do when you’re juggling several rent schedules.

Reminders you can rely on sent straight to your inbox

The critical date alerts are sent straight to your email so you can stay informed no matter if you’re at your desk or on the go.

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Capture all of the details in the description, determine who you want to notify from your list of contacts, and customize your notification preferences.

These settings ensure your notifications arrive in your inbox right when you need them and as often as you need them

You can take a more proactive approach to your critical dates with the reporting options.  Easily generate a list of dates filtered by specifics like date type, location, notification recipient, and more. You can even get a quick look at what’s ahead with the critical date dashboard.

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Create reminders across your entire portfolio

Stay up to date with your leases, properties, tasks, and FF&E assets

Keep your insurance policies up to date 

Reminder notifications will keep those insurance policy expirations from sneaking up on you

Stay on top of key business events

Track events like warranty expirations, permit renewals, and more

Post comments on all reminders 

Make note of any updates or changes 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I use the critical date reminders for?

Create reminders for the little things, big things, and everything in between! Use the reminders to be notified about lease expirations, rent escalations, option notice dates, insurance policy expirations, and so much more.  

Can I setup the critical date reminders to notify me as far in advance as I choose?

When creating critical date reminders, users have total control over how far in advance they’d like to be notified as well as how often they’d like to be notified. You can schedule notifications to arrive in your inbox days, weeks, months, or even years into the future.

Can I send reminders to other people?

You can easily assign critical date reminders to anyone in your contact list and customize the frequency of reminders to fit their schedule.

If I’ve setup critical date reminders to be sent to someone who is no longer with my company or no longer working with us, can I redirect the reminder to a new person?

With just a few clicks, you can reassign the notification or delete the reminder altogether. The beauty of the critical dates feature is that a single reminder can be altered or deleted without impacting any other reminders tied to that particular critical date.

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