FF&E Software & Commercial Asset Management


The List You’ll Be Glad To Have When You Really Need It

Create a detailed list of your FF&E assets that’ll be there when you really need it. It’s the best way to navigate little inconveniences, protect your valuables, and prepare for uncertainty. 

Losing track of valuable belongings?

It’s easy to forget about the items that help you and your space operate, but without a system of checks and balances, you open yourself to risk. 

Can’t remember maintenance history?

Falling behind on updates and maintenance impacts your daily productivity. The inefficiencies caused by outdated or broken assets can lead to obstacles that keep work from getting out the door. 

Not prepared when disaster strikes?

When forces out of your control occur, like fires or natural disasters, things you never thought about before become the center of attention. The last thing you want to do in the wake of destruction is scramble to take inventory. 

Your inventory starts with the Asset Summary

Create a profile for each item that you want to add to your list

An asset is connected to a lease or property. That means you’ll have a complete catalogue of the FF&E that belongs to a particular location available whenever you need it. 

Easily organize and filter your list with custom GeoUnits. Assign specifics, like location, user, business division, and more.

Streamline risk management 

Have instant access to all assets and equipment for insurance purposes 

Stay on top of required maintenance

Track all of the maintenance records, inventory data, and reports. 

Upload all documents related to the lifecycle of your items 

Your files are securely stored and protected by time/date/author stamping

Keep track of key dates

Including equipment lease expirations, warranty expirations, maintenance reminders, and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I report on my FF&E assets?

You can utilize both the report generator and dashboards to analyze your list of FF&E assets. Within the report generator, you can customize the Asset Report to review metrics like usage, user, or warranty information. For a quick overview of metrics like location, condition, or purchase date, you can use the dashboards at the folder or individual asset level.

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