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Pretty Reports to Show Your Boss or Client. Powerful Analytics to Help You Make Decisions.

The report builder helps you take control of the details. With just a few clicks, you can generate a variety of reports that can help you identify risk & opportunity, make comparisons, track changes, and visualize your space. 

Can’t trust the data?

Creating reports with data that you pulled from disjointed systems is a gamble. You can never be confident that the information is up to date or accurate. 

No easy way to share metrics with your team?

Reports are a central part of collaboration. If you don’t have a centralized system for report generation, you can waste a lot of effort piecing together presentations or sharing numbers that aren’t accurate. 

Struggling to see the big picture?

It’s challenging to connect the dots if you don’t have a big picture view. It hinders your ability to see things like risk, opportunity, or resource utilization. 

Generate and Organize Limitless Reports

Analyze your entire portfolio with reports covering Income/Expense Obligation, Lease Expirations, Monthly Cost Per Seat, and so much more. 

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Once you select a template, you can pick and choose the fields you want to cover and add conditional filters to focus on specific metrics. You can filter by elements like location, timeframe, business division, and more. 

Get answers, compare & contrast, identify trends, and make reliable decisions about every aspect of your operation.

Lease Reports
expirations, rent schedules, occupancy costs, rent obligation, space utilization, vacancies, options, notations & more

Project Reports

tasks, sub-tasks, status, estimates, hours/time, notes, responsibilities and pipelines

Properties Reports

track income/expenses, lease expirations, key vendors, equipment, maintenance, TIs, leasing pipeline, notations & more

FF&E Reports

type, model, serial/VIN, location, primary users, warranties, maintenance, valuation, Insurance, usage, repairs, work orders, appraisals & more

Dashboard reports are displayed throughout the entire application to help you visualize key metrics. They’re the perfect tool to reference when you need a quick update, a powerful resource to share with your team, and a great way to dig deeper into the numbers when you need to forecast and make decisions. 

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Easily share metrics with your team

Export reports as a PDF or spreadsheet 

Stay on brand 

Each report displays your logo & branding

Schedule report regenerations

Your standard reports will automatically update and arrive in your inbox right when you need them

Set security rules for each report

Control and manage access rights for every report you generate

Frequently Asked Questions

What if Quarem doesn’t have the reports I need, can I create custom reports?

As part of our Technical Services, users can work with our Technology Team to create custom reports.

I have reports that I need every month or quarter. Can I set up a report schedule that automatically regenerates these reports?

Yes! Within the report settings, you can create a report regeneration schedule and have the updated reports delivered straight to your inbox as often as you need.

What reporting is available for tenants?

Analyze the metrics related to occupancy costs, rent obligations, expirations, space utilization, CAMs and Tis

What reporting is available for landlords?

Analyze the metrics related to occupancy, rent projections, market rates and conditions, tenant mix and lease prospects

What reporting is available for brokers?

Report on deal status, lease expiration reports, occupancy, tenant mix and adapt each to meet your particular requirements

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