Are Commercial Real Estate Conferences Worth Your Time?

 October 13, 2016

By  Guy Gray

In the midst of managing a hefty portfolio of commercial real estate properties, it can often seem like you are adrift on your own.  With busy schedules, only tenants, vendors or other service professionals in your daily interactions; finding the time to network, or share ideas with your industry colleagues can seem impossible.  What if I were to tell you that there was a way to multi-task your work and your professional interaction, all while checking out an exciting locale or while grabbing a quick drink or bite to eat with likeminded CRE industry individuals?  If we had you at multi-tasking and drinks, keep on reading…

Networking is Important

If you are tired of hearing the age old adage that networking is a key pillar to success in business, turn away now.  As it turns out, the reason the advice is repeated so frequently is because it’s true.  Conferences are the perfect arena to network with other professionals in commercial real estate and related industries.  Connect with people on a friendly level, before, or maybe while, you also get down to transacting business.  Networking opens doors, literally in the property management industry.  Plus, if you are going to be working, might as well do it over a cocktail or while chowing down on appetizers.

Learn from Your Peers

Conferences are also great for sharing ideas.  While you may love them dearly, when’s the last time your spouse, dog or kids had an excellent idea on how to negotiate a tricky lease amendment?  Conferences are goldmines for innovative ideas from the leading minds in the commercial real estate field. You may also have the opportunity to engage speakers one on one after their stage time, making for a unique opportunity to pick the brains of true experts in the field.  When you attend a conference, chances are you will come away energized and inspired with a wealth of new ways to tackle your latest problem in managing your CRE portfolio.

Our Top Picks

Since we have sung the praises of commercial real estate conferences and are obviously big fans, we here at Quarem have a few favorites we think you should be attending this year.  Who knows, you could even run across one of our team members at one of these upcoming events.

CoreNet Global Conferences, Philadelphia PA (October 14 – 19) – The CoreNet Global conference features some of the brightest minds in the CRE field today.  Whether its property management software technology or the latest trends in commercial real estate this is definitely not a conference you want to miss.  Plus, since this is one of the largest CRE tech conferences of the year, you know there will be plenty of opportunities to network and connect with industry colleagues.

Real Share Industrial, Dallas-Forth Worth (November 16-17) – One of the top industry events in one of the hottest growing CRE markets in the country means this year’s Real Share Industrial conference is definitely not one you will want to miss.  Connect with top brokers, investors, developers and owners as they discuss market trends and developments.

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About the author 

Guy Gray

Guy Gray serves as Chief Operating Officer overseeing our technology and client services teams. He is responsible for guiding Quarem application development, networking and security, as well as new client implementations.

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