How Does Your Choice of Property Management Software Affect Your Customers?

 May 24, 2017

By  Guy Gray

Whether you operate a retail storefront or manage a commercial real estate portfolio composed of hundreds of properties, successful business owners and operators know that keeping clients happy is mission critical to long term success. With each of your individual properties featuring different tenants with individual needs, leases and overall concerns, catering to the diverse customer base is no easy feat. While you appreciate the fact that “Sal” from “Sal’s Plumbing” is extremely friendly, it can be difficult to rustle up the time to answer his questions every time he forgets when his lease expires, wants to know whether he can start a side gig raising miniature goats on the property or has misplaced the address to send his monthly rent check.

While many CRE professionals have gotten on board with the need for lease administration software, such as that offered by Quarem, to lighten their administrative and liability loads, it turns out the technology can also help in the client satisfaction category. Property management software can pull double duty, saving CRE professionals time and money and keeping tenants, renters and customers happy and informed.

The Right Notifications, Right on Time

When it comes to being short on time, CRE professionals don’t exactly have this area of the business market cornered. Individual tenants have daily obligations to maintain and build their own businesses if they are going to stay successful. It seems a bit intuitive that successful tenants have an easier time paying their bills. Lease administration software, such as Quarem’s Access or Advantage offerings, can help keep tenants informed with automatic notifications of critical dates, eliminating the need for redundant phone calls or time wasted chasing lease information.

Automated Processes Means Less Hassle

On the topic of time savings, streamlined and automated processes also help CRE customers out. In the initial stages, electronic uploading of basic documentation can help save countless hours and serious postage fees to establish a new lease. Maintaining annual documents such as insurance verification, is also a breeze with lease administration tools. From applications for extension to notices of intent to vacate, automation and communication help keep customer relations friendly and ensure a smooth transition in the event of a potential tenant change.

The Information Clients Need When They Need It

From timely notifications to automated processes, lease administration software helps CRE customers get the information they need, when they need it. Sal from Sal’s Plumbing now has access to his lease, at a glance and can confirm the unfortunate limitation on goat-raising activities but can also see his payment address any time he misplaces the details. Other tenants can obtain information on scheduled property upgrades or information of which pieces of furniture came with the property and which need to be packed up in the event of a move.

CRE professionals themselves will still appreciate Quarem’s many time saving and liability reducing built-in features, but can also rest assured their customers have what they need to concentrate on staying profitable. Quarem Access and Quarem Vantage lease administration software platforms are a win, win for both property owners and their tenant clients, creating a synergistic benefit and a no-brainer when it comes to investing in technology that helps and pays you back.

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About the author 

Guy Gray

Guy Gray serves as Chief Operating Officer overseeing our technology and client services teams. He is responsible for guiding Quarem application development, networking and security, as well as new client implementations.

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