CRE Article Roundup: The Latest CRE News and How It Affects Pros

 December 27, 2023

By  Guy Gray

If you’re getting your commercial real estate news from TikTok, you’re doing it wrong. While there may be a good investment or property management nugget or two on the platform, most industry experts lean on reputable publications for actionable news. 

In honor of this, here is the latest in our series of CRE-related articles, what each means for the industry and how the right commercial real estate software can help you address them.

Hundreds of cities to deploy metaverse technology by 2030

In many cases, cities will use metaverse technology as an extension of existing urban digital twin platforms and solutions. This “digital land” is quickly becoming a popular investment opportunity for CRE pros.

ConTech Conversations: How putting trust in building models eliminates uncertainty

Hannu Lindberg, DPR’s leader of virtual design and construction, spoke about keeping teams on the same page and the future of workers on job sites.

How communities and businesses are navigating difficult commercial real estate market

High costs of borrowing and materials is limiting new construction of commercial real estate, and retail space in particular is low on vacancy as non-traditional tenants have filled available storefronts. 

Amazon Introducing Warehouse Overhaul With Robotics to Speed Deliveries

Amazon is introducing an array of new artificial intelligence and robotics capabilities into its warehouse operations that will reduce delivery times and help identify inventory more quickly.

Where is commercial real estate headed next?

Experts from Forbes discuss the latest trends, from demolishing office space to repurposing malls (again) to riding out the end of the warehouse boom.

Real Estate Doldrums Prove Silver Lining For PropTech Firms

“The advances in applying data science and machine learning to real estate in the past few years have been significant, and the benefits they offer the industry are amplified in an uncertain economy,” said Christopher Yip, partner in real estate venture capital firm RET Ventures.

New Climate Rules Are an Opportunity, Not a Threat, to Commercial Real Estate

In September, the White House issued a national framework for climate resilience in buildings, which included objectives to transition to “zero emissions” buildings.

Commercial Real Estate Investments Help Hedge Your Portfolio

Amid skyrocketing inflation and the uncertain economy, smart investors are looking to diversify their investments outside of the stock market.

Alpaca launches real estate investment arm

The New York-based proptech firm has hired two executives from Ares and Prospect Ridge to lead the new platform.

Is the Commercial Real Estate Panic Overblown?

Since the COVID lockdowns, one of the pervasive market narratives has been the demise of commercial real estate. With many Americans now working entirely remotely or in hybrid arrangements, offices are much less central to white-collar jobs. That impacts the market for office buildings, but also businesses in downtown areas of cities across America. 

Insights like these articles are valuable, but so is real-time market data and other valuable information you’ll find in a commercial real estate software solution like Quarem. To see how our tool can help you maximize and grow your investment portfolio, request a demo today.

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