How You Can Turn Meaningful Data Into More Profits with Quarem’s CRE Reporting

 October 15, 2019

Quarem’s Reporting Features

Commercial real estate software is a great place to start for this and Quarem is one of the best options out there. Once you organize all of your lease, property, project and FF&E data within Quarem, the reporting possibilities are endless. Here are some of the ways Quarem helps you transform the details of your properties into meaningful business intelligence that you can use for profit generation:

  • Generate and organize limitless reports: What good are reports if you can’t generate them on demand or organize them in a way that will help with decisions? Quarem lets you use either standard or customized reports that update metrics in real time. Choose any filter you want and generate strategic reports that show you direct ways to improve profits.
  • Analyze various aspects of your operation: CRE software like Quarem helps you think about profit opportunities you might not normally think about, such as departmental productivity. Additionally, it will allow you to forecast occupancy costs, future space needs and more.
  • Produce reports across all portfolios: We’re talking profit ideas for your entire portfolio, not just one property. Quarem’s reporting features include lease administration tracking, project monitoring, property notations, inventory management and much, much more.

How These Features Help Different CRE Pros

Of course, reporting isn’t the same for every CRE professional. That’s why Quarem can be tailored to benefit you and your unique needs. Here are a few specific ways Quarem helps its three main user types:

  • Corporate users: Analyze metrics related to occupancy costs, rent obligations, expirations and CAMs. Additionally, create custom ad-hoc reports and establish automatic report regeneration.
  • Landlords: Create custom reports and automatically regenerate them, just like corporate users, but also analyze landlord-specific metrics like rent projections, market rates, tenant mix and more.
  • Brokers: Gain insights on all transactions to gain a competitive edge in the market, as well as generate powerful reports on deal status, lease expirations and more.

If you’re interested in seeing for yourself how you can turn meaningful data into more profits with Quarem’s CRE reporting features, schedule a demo today.

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