January 2020 CRE Content Roundup

 January 31, 2020

As January comes to a close, we want to highlight our favorite content from around the industry. In this month’s roundup, we look into the nostalgic experiences of retail that are getting left behind, how a successful marriage can help you in your CRE career, the ways you can leverage employee input to find office space, brokers utilizing social media to grow their business, and how liens played into a famed developer’s failed revenge plot.

Weekend Wanderlust: Travel Through Time In Ohio’s Dying Malls

The future of retail is a hot topic that’s been marked with catchy buzzwords and popular commentary. While many are excited about the way technology is shaping the way we shop, some are experiencing a deep feeling of nostalgia, especially when it comes to malls.

Dying and abandoned shopping malls have a fan club of sorts made up of curious individuals who enjoy exploring the eerily empty structures that were once the center of entertainment. Author Kevin J. Elliot sheds light on this group and shares a side of the story that the buzzwords and commentary haven’t captured – the iconic experiences of retail that are getting left behind.

8 Ways Success in Marriage Can Help You in Commercial Real Estate

What can marriage teach you about your commercial real estate career? Apparently, you can learn a lot about your job by reflecting on your relationships. Author Allen Buchanan shares the ways his 40 years of marriage have impacted his 35 years of commercial real estate brokerage.

This is a quick read full of good humor and even better advice.

Finding Office Space: 12 Strategies To Leverage and Maximize Employee Input

Finding new office space, whether it be a relocation or an expansion, is easier said than done. The decision impacts all aspects of your business, but one of the most important is your staff. Experts from across the real estate industry share their tips and tricks for utilizing employee insight to transform the way they find the right office space.

Commercial Real Estate Podcast with Blake Haggett from Boise, Idaho.

Let’s throw a podcast into the mix! Host Bucky Beeman chats with broker Blake Haggett about his journey to commercial real estate and how he leverages social media as part of his growth strategy.

Beeman and Haggett let their passion shine through, which makes for a refreshing episode that will both bring you back to the roots of the industry and shed light on the ways that young professionals are making their mark.

Palm Beach County Developer Arrested For Using Liens To Retaliate Against Ex-Girlfriend

This one reads like the plot of a soap opera. Money. Love. Revenge. Liens? For your daily dose of drama, read this story about the downfall of a famed Palm Beach County developer and how his plan for revenge ended with him receiving three criminal charges.

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