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 November 25, 2019

Swiss Army Knife.

Instant Pot.


Three very different things, but they all share the same label: All-in-One. These multitools have very different uses, but they all promise a solution to several different needs. 

The Swiss Army knife takes care of any random challenge under the sun. Need to fillet a fish AND trim some rogue nose hairs? You got it! 

The Instant Pot makes dreams of filling your kitchen with different food prep gadgets a reality by combining them all into one small appliance. 

The debut of the Smartphone gave our shoulders some rest by merging all of those devices that we had to carry around individually. We could finally leave our bulky cameras and CDs at home. 

At the end of the day, all of these tools share the same goals: save time & money and improve processes in a convenient way. 

Have you ever wished there was a handy multi-tool that you could employ to help you nurture leads, manage market data and expand your corporate services? Well, commercial real estate management software is the all-in-one solution for you! 

The Essentials of a Broker’s Multi-tool

CRE Software like Quarem combines the essential tools that every broker uses on a daily basis:  CRM, Project Management, Market Data Tracking, and Corporate Services. Having all of these tools in one platform allows you to both nurture leads, and maintain the relationships long after the initial transaction. 

Let’s evaluate the individual features that make this possible. 

Detailed Contact Management

The heart of any lead is the people behind it. Quarem’s contact management is in-depth, and covers the most basic details, like contact information, and the more personal points, like birthdays or alma maters. 

Critical Date Automation

Timing is everything when it comes to nurturing leads. You have to find the right balance between used car salesman and distant relative that only shows up on holidays. Once you successfully establish a working relationship, the last thing you want to do is miss a check-in call or show up late to a space tour. 

Quarem’s critical date automation helps you stay professional, from start to finish. The feature allows you to create custom reminders that are sent straight to your email as often as you need. 

Deal Management

A deal starts from the moment you make contact with a lead and carries on throughout the duration of the relationship. Quarem’s deal management tool was built to help you keep track of the process at every step of the way. Each deal has a detailed summary, where you can post timely notes, and a task timeline where you can create and assign individual tasks. All deals are linked directly to the related contacts, properties, leases, dates and documents. 

Market Research Tracking

The research process is one of the most critical stages to nurturing leads. This is your time to demonstrate your knowledge of the market and attention to detail. Quarem’s market research tracking capabilities provide two unique benefits: efficient tracking of the information for current and future use, and a collaborative platform to present your findings in a professional manner. 

The properties feature allows you to create a profile for each of the properties you’re researching, where you can 

  • keep a detailed record of the space, covering everything from amenities to traffic count 
  • take notes on any specifics 
  • store all related images and documents 
  • tie the property to the deal you created 

Powerful Reporting

Successful lead nurturing is supported by detailed performance tracking. The reporting tool that you use needs to be flexible so that you can track an array of metrics, like lead pipeline status or conversion rates. 

Quarem’s report builder is powerful and responsive, allowing users to choose from a list of standard reports or customize reports that fit your standards. Additionally, the software provides helpful dashboard reporting throughout all spaces on the platform. 

Competitive Corporate Services

So, you successfully won the lead, and the lease is signed. Now what? Proactively maintain the relationship by providing corporate services. This means providing lease administration, abstraction, date management and reporting. 

With Quarem, you can organize and track all of your client’s leases, critical dates, documents and reports on the same platform that you would use to manage your personal projects and market research. Convenient, right? Our strict access controls make this all possible. You are in charge of the data your clients have access to. 

All of your processes start with a lead, but many develop into intricate deals and projects. It’s time to invest in a system that not only supports lead management, but helps you nurture your relationships and gives you a competitive advantage in the market. 

To see how Quarem can be your all-in-one solution, schedule a demo with one of our experts today. 

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Meredith Beasley

Meredith Beasley serves as the VP of Marketing & Communications for Quarem. She is responsible for developing and implementing Quarem’s global branding strategy and works with both digital and traditional forms of media to better establish the Quarem brand.

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