Why Quarem is a Strategic Business Partner and Not a Software Vendor

 September 29, 2017

By  Guy Gray

Those who do business in the world of commercial real estate realize the value in partnering with trusted individuals and companies to maintain and grow their existing book of business. From the local landscaping company that provides common-area maintenance to your trusted contractor who takes the lead on building upkeep, redesign and modernization, having reliable partners provides peace of mind as well as cost and time savings.

The benefits of partnership, however, don’t end with those providing physical services to your properties. A sophisticated property management solution, such as those offered by Quarem, is more than an isolated app. Quarem’s Access and Vantage platforms strive to provide an unparalleled level of support and continue to work with and for your CRE portfolio, operating as your virtual, and physical, property management partner, all in the convenience of a cloud-based, access anywhere, software package.

Comprehensive Training and Roll-Out

From the moment you sign on as a Quarem partner our experienced team of CRE professionals begins developing a comprehensive roll-out plan, tailored to your individual portfolio’s needs. Owners and managers don’t need to worry about fumbling through online tutorials or clumsy product manuals; Quarem provides individualized training, walking core personnel through every aspect including installation, integration, and end-user functionality. By the time Quarem’s software platforms are set-up in your internal company systems, yourself and your staff will be ready and able to get to work instantly, ensuring a seamless business transition and little to no disruption to your existing schedules.

Data-Migration, Lease Abstracting and More

In addition to installation and training, Quarem provides full data-migration of your existing leases, contracts deadlines and more, across all of our software solutions. No more sifting through files of physical papers or virtually flipping through multiple excel and data-tracking sheets. With Quarem Access and Quarem Vantage, your critical information is available across a variety of tracking and reporting modules, available on demand via cloud-based technology, to aid in communication and efficiency in getting business done.

Ongoing Support and Analysis for Your CRE Needs

While integration, data-migration and initial roll-out and training are desirable traits in a software provider, it’s Quarem’s ongoing commitment to client and business support that sets us apart from other vendors on the market. Our experienced customer service specialists are knowledgeable in both commercial real estate and technology concerns, allowing for greater understanding of your individual and business needs.

In addition, Quarem’s Access software provides next level analysis and collaboration. With Quarem Access, enjoy ongoing monitoring, lease abstracting, market and trend analysis and more. Quarem Access is your virtual partner in the CRE world, supported by real life individuals with the knowledge and experience needed to help your portfolio grow and thrive.

The Bottom Line on Partnering with Quarem

At Quarem, we’ve built our business model around being more than a piece of software or a sophisticated platform for storing data. From implementation to ongoing support to additional analysis tools designed to help grow your reach, Quarem aims to be your high-tech partner in an ever-changing, fast-paced world of real estate. If you’d like to learn more about what sets Quarem apart from run-of-the-mill software vendors, contact us today for a free initial consultation. We’ll analyze your portfolio down to the individual properties and will help craft a solution tailored to your business. Find out the difference that Quarem makes in partnering for your property management software needs.

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About the author 

Guy Gray

Guy Gray serves as Chief Operating Officer overseeing our technology and client services teams. He is responsible for guiding Quarem application development, networking and security, as well as new client implementations.

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