Refuting the Idea that Added Technology in Property Management may be a Distraction

 February 14, 2017

By  Guy Gray

It’s become such a common theme that television and pop culture parody the event.  Miss manners columns give advice regarding the appropriate time of its use.  Advice articles even make up handy games to avoid it during meals with family or friends, lest you be the one left footing the bill.

We’re talking technology’s increasing view as a distraction, and even an interruption when it comes to work, family and social activities.  And while that may be the case for smartphones with Facebook, social media and “how many bubbles can you pop” games available at the click of a finger, not all tech is created equal.  When it comes to your CRE portfolio and property management software, technology is a tool that adds value and is worlds apart from time sinks designed to entertain.

Useful Tools Versus Distracting Platforms

While news outlets abound with the dangers of allowing employees access to common apps, social media platforms and personal email accounts, these entertainment or personal applications are a far cry from informational platforms designed to store and communicate data.  Social media is designed in all aspects to encourage friendly, and sometimes business, conversation between individuals.  The creators of this particular type of tech had ease of scheduling dinners out with friends or weekend get togethers in mind from development to implementation.

In contrast, business tools such as property management software from Quarem, have been crafted from the bottom up to facilitate information gathering and processing in a work environment.  Quarem property management software allows for easy summary, collection and communication of facts and figures that are vital to your commercial real estate business.  Quarem is also designed to be customizable, building on our pool of knowledgeable professionals that help implement only the aspects of the technology that fit your business needs.

Adding Value (And a Few Extra Buttons)

Instead of wasting time, you’ll find Quarem and similar property management software solutions create efficiencies, freeing up you and your staff’s time to work toward improving on your current portfolio.  With traditional, low-tech methods of tracking your CRE portfolio’s individual holdings, hours can be sent reviewing and re-reviewing individual lease contracts to confirm specific terms, track deadlines and crunch the numbers when it comes time for rent increases.

It may seem easy to dismiss the extra features included in Quarem’s vantage software as bells and whistles or unnecessary.  In reality, the ability to run detailed reports and compare data across your entire CRE portfolio can help identify areas of profit maximization.  Quarem’s detailed reporting features allow investors to dig their way out of the weeds and take in the big picture when it comes to property management.

The Big Picture

While many modern technological advances can prove distractions in the workplace, specially designed and implemented property management software can deliver big in terms of efficiency.  Instead of costing you, CRE portfolio owners and managers will be able to uncover previously hidden windfalls in detailed analytics that shine light on difficult to spot trends and nuances in markets.  If you’re ready to discover how Quarem’s sophisticated tools can help grow your CRE portfolio, eliminate redundancy and remove inefficiency, contact us today to discuss how we can match our sophisticated products to fit your specific CRE needs.

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About the author 

Guy Gray

Guy Gray serves as Chief Operating Officer overseeing our technology and client services teams. He is responsible for guiding Quarem application development, networking and security, as well as new client implementations.

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