The Top 10 Quarem Lease Management Features

 March 30, 2022

By  Guy Gray

When you’re passionate about something, it can be difficult to narrow down your favorite aspects about it. That’s how we feel about commercial real estate technology. How do you narrow down your ten favorite features when there are so many that can help CRE pros? We’ll do our best.

Here are 10 of the most popular lease management features in Quarem:

1. Robust Lease Abstract Dashboard

Arguably the most important aspect of lease management, lease abstracts need to be clear, easy to access and understandable. With Quarem’s lease abstract dashboard, you can capture and arrange more than 400 key points of your lease, such as : 

  • Income/expense schedule
  • Lease options
  • Parking
  • TI
  • Clauses
  • … and more!

2. Lease Language Tracking

Want the ability to reference actual lease language in the future, in case you need it? Within each section of Quarem’s commercial lease management software, you can do just that.

3. Lease Document Storage

Quarem also makes it easy to upload and store all related lease documents. Whether you’re looking for a floor plan, lease amendments, clauses or even photos, it’s all accessible.

4. Lifecycle Change Timeline

Version history is underrated! Quarem lets you easily document changes to your leases and access their different lifecycle stages. Any change, whether it’s a renewal or amendment, is added to the timeline, which you can access at any point.

5. Critical Date Notifications

Don’t miss an important lease-related date again. Quarem’s critical date notifications feature lets you create automated email reminders for events like expirations or option windows.

6. Detailed Lease Summaries

Get into the details of a single lease with Quarem’s lease summary feature. You’ll gain quick access to details like expiration dates, rentable area, property names and lease terms.

7. Lease Contact Management

Store and access your list of related lease contacts with ease. Quarem even gives you the option to make a detailed contact profile for anyone related to the lease.

8. Master Lease Lists

One example of Quarem’s lease management scalability, the master lease list feature will give you access to all of your leases, which you can organize and filter by location, type and more.

9. Easy Collaboration

Monitor all activity and share access to your leases with just a few button clicks. Invite your team in, assign access levels and monitor any changes made to the lease.

10. Better Forecasting

Prepare for future changes by using Quarem’s powerful market and industry analysis tools, which let you prepare for the future with more relevant information than your competitors.

These are just a few examples of lease management-friendly features in Quarem; there are more than you might realize. Request a demo of our CRE software today to see them all!

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About the author 

Guy Gray

Guy Gray serves as Chief Operating Officer overseeing our technology and client services teams. He is responsible for guiding Quarem application development, networking and security, as well as new client implementations.

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