Using CRE Software To Get The Most Out of Multi-Tenant Investing

 December 17, 2020

By  Guy Gray

Commercial real estate investing is an art. It involves relationship building, decisions based on gut feeling and taking risks. Commercial real estate investing is also a science. You target ideal tenants, add properties to your portfolio and set rates based on real market data.

As a subset of CRE, multi-tenant property investments are both an art and a science as well. Let’s discuss how the right commercial real estate software’s data-crunching and forecasting features can take care of the latter.

Personal Market Data

Generic data isn’t helpful. But that’s what you’ll see with many CRE articles and reports. You can’t depend on national news or statistics to make your portfolio decisions. Additionally, you can never really be sure how accurate the data is, and in some cases, accessing this data can get pricey. CRE software gives you the tools to organize and track the data that you collect. Track information like the health of a target industry, market rates, amenities, traffic counts, and more. 

Smart Multi-Tenant Forecasting

Forecasting tools can help you visualize your data in a powerful way that you can easily share with your team. Quarem’s forecasting capabilities, for example, include historical data for multi-tenant properties, past/present/future expenses, rent projections and industry trends. All of this can be automated on the back end, too.

Valuable Industry Resources

In addition to tools, you’ll gain access to valuable CRE resources if you choose the right software company. Blogs, guides, whitepapers, reports and support from a team of CRE experts are all at your disposal. Use these valuable resources to inform your decision making and watch your multi-tenant investing take off.

Multi-Tenant-Specific Reporting

Finally, you’ll be able to easily build visually stunning reports for your multi-tenant investments. You can use a template or customize a report to fit your needs. Then you can take your data, forecasts and reports with you on the field as you seek out multi-tenant property investment opportunities. Whether you’re considering a strip mall, multi-level urban building, office complex or shopping mall, CRE software can give you the numbers you need to crunch for decisions.

Want to see how Quarem can help you get the most out of multi-tenant investing? Request a demo today.

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About the author 

Guy Gray

Guy Gray serves as Chief Operating Officer overseeing our technology and client services teams. He is responsible for guiding Quarem application development, networking and security, as well as new client implementations.

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