10 Commercial Real Estate Forums You Should Know About

 May 2, 2017

By  Guy Gray

At Quarem we make our mission to not only tout our own products but to provide education and information on the go to busy CRE professionals. While we happen to think our timely (and sometimes humorous) articles are essential for someone looking to manage and grow their real estate portfolio, we certainly aren’t the only source for quality information on trends, best practices and hurdles in the commercial real estate world. Some of the best ideas come from like-minded individuals who have “been there and done that” in the CRE world. That’s why we’ve put together this handy list of 10 of our favorite CRE forums you should know and visit. Want to know where to go the next time we say “don’t take our word for it?” Then read on:


From owners to managers to agents to software reps, Bigger Pockets may just top the list as our favorite CRE site for sheer diversity of members and topics. Professionals with portfolios of all sizes should feel welcome and the forum is a great resource for newcomers and experienced vets alike.


Don’t let the old-school layout fool you. The conversations in this CRE forum are modern and on point with today’s trending topics in real estate. While there is a distinct trend towards agents and brokers, the discussions will also be relevant to busy property managers. You may even pick up a bit of insight you wouldn’t have otherwise by seeing the industry from another vantage point.


While the site is mostly geared to residential real estate, their Real Estate Professionals forum is incredibly active with professionals from a wide range of the industry who actively participate. One of the benefits of being a behemoth of a site is that for every question you are guaranteed to get a variety of perspectives.


A well-moderated and frequently visited site for CRE professionals of all walks of life. Broader discussions on the health of the real estate market are sprinkled in with career and portfolio tips. The message board interface is intuitive and organized, bringing new and more frequently viewed posts straight to the top of the list.


Another well laid out forum site. This one makes our list for a host of sub-topic specific forums dedicated to specific property or transaction types. From investing in commercial real estate to discussions particular to farm properties or foreclosures, this forum is a wealth of information for the busy CRE professional.


A great forum dedicated to commercial real estate and real estate investment in general. A well developed site with a large number and array of contributors, CREOnline definitely makes the list of our top 10 CREforums.


Short for the Commercial Real Estate Professionals and Investor Group, CREPIG is a great online resource for all kinds of CRE professionals. From discussions on topics such as best companies to shop a jumbo sized loan, no matter your interest you are bound to find something to read and educate.


A bit of a generic site which, as a whole, is marketed to the general consumer audience, this lightly moderated message board is still great for a variety of discussions on the happenings in commercial real estate. The real estate investing specific forum draws a good amount of activity. Since this site is fairly open, be slightly more cautious about potential scams or links to spam websites.

Real Estate Law Forum

Because regardless of how much we may-or-may-not dislike them, chances are we are all going to need a lawyer at some point during our CRE careers. The real estate law forum covers topics relevant to buying selling and tenants. Buyer beware when seeking free legal advice online, but this forum may be a good place to start your research.

LinkedIn, MeetUp.com etc

While this last on our list of top 10 isn’t exactly a forum, or even one specific site, the social networking category as a whole deserves some love here. Meeting with local, likeminded professionals in the CRE field, or exchanging links and comments with other CRE professionals, can be an invaluable tool for both knowledge and marketing. Explore and engage in these public forums with decorum, but otherwise, enjoy the resources at your disposal.

Know of any other sites we should have included? Did your favorite not make our list? Drop us an email or leave us a comment with your favorite message board, forum or other online resource for CRE professionals.

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